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Our Clients

Dr. Mónica Lara is so knowledgeable and engaging, the teachers and principals learn several strategies that can be implemented the first day of school and into the school year. Excellent presenter. Many teachers stopped by to report they were impressed with Mónica and appreciated the training! We would love to book her for future trainings.

Dr. Michelle Yzquierdo was terrific! Participants were completely engaged throughout this valuable training. Michelle was flexible in meeting our changing needs, providing customized attention. I hope we see her again sometime!

Nancy Motley is so knowledgeable and engaging, the teachers and principals really learn so much every time she comes to present at Lamar CISD. We will continue to book her for future trainings.


About Us:

John Seidlitz was a hit with the principals! They loved the session and can't keep talking about it. This was just what they needed.

Seidlitz Education is a company that provides research-based consultations, coaching, trainings and products to support educators with the goal of increasing academic achievement for their English Language Learners. At Seidlitz Education, we share the mission of helping kids grow in academic literacy. Our teaching, research, and innovative educational tools focus on ways we can help give students the gift of academic language. We are always looking for user-friendly ways to help teachers give students rich background knowledge and the ability to communicate in academic settings. Our mission is to share our knowledge and expertise with teachers so they can positively impact students. Countless teachers and educators from around Texas and the United States have sung praises of how they have transformed their classrooms into language-rich, interactive environments while building language practice opportunities into lesson plans.                    

Welcome to Seidlitz Education

Seidlitz Education's mission is to support school districts and teachers with increasing academic

achievement for English Language Learners. 

We have the knowledge, skills and passion to help you:

  • Increase the academic achievement of your English Language Learners

  • Transform your classroom into a language-rich, interactive environment

  • Build language practice opportunities into lesson plans

  • Accelerate students' progression from one language proficiency to the next

  • Write and incorporate content and language objectives

  • Raise scores on state assessments for the ELL subpopulation

  • Conduct campus walk-throughs to monitor progress