Ellen provided a well received and interactive training.
Expert in ELLS

Cypress Fairbanks ISD

Ellen Eltiste training in San Benito ISD 05/30/15

Ellen Eltiste’s enthusiasm and passion for teaching is contagious, and it shows in her presentation style. Excelling in the field of education the last 16 years, Ellen’s roles have included: classroom teacher, Reading Intervention Coach, SIOP lead coach, Reading Specialist, PBIS coach, RTI coordinator, English Language Development coordinator, Professional Development presenter and Teaching Assistant Principal for the diverse population of Capistrano Unified School District. Ellen was named Teacher of the Year due to her dedication and success working with English Language Learners and students with special needs.

Ellen holds a Masters of Arts in Literacy Education from California State University San Marcos that she uses to help teachers build strong literacy skills with their students. Ellen also uses her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of California Santa Barbara to help teachers build academic language for all students. Ellen’s work as a presenter for the California Reading Association and UC Davis prepared her for her work with Seidlitz Education as an educational consultant for the last three years.

Ellen continues to serve the public school system and lives with her husband and twins.

Ellen Eltiste - Educational Consultant

giving kids the gift of academic language